personalised family gifts

Unique gifts for friends: why not a personalised blanket?

Looking for an extra special gift for a close friend? At Grace’s Blankets, we believe that we have just the ticket! As you’ve probably guessed from our company name that offers personalised blankets, which is one of the best gifts out there. 

It’s not only useful for keeping warm during those cold days and nights, but also shows that you’ve put real thought into your gift. Instead of just any blanket, we make one that carries a message from you woven right into it.

Personalised gifts have become increasingly popular in recent years. According to market statistics, 62% of Americans prefer personalised gifts over costly store-bought items. Meanwhile, the global market for personalised gifts was worth $25.8 billion in 2020, and it’s expected to continue growing worldwide. 

We also think it’s important to shop small. Our family business takes pride in creating high-quality blankets. A special blend of lamb’s wool keeps our blankets extra soft, and they’re easy to care for too since they’re machine washable at a gentle 30 degrees Celsius. Lamb’s wool is much warmer than other fabrics due to its great insulation properties, making our blankets especially useful in winter and more than just for show. Lamb’s wool also has other benefits such as being lightweight, and is hypoallergenic, making it less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to other animal fibres.

When you order from us, you’re not getting an off-the-shelf product. Whilst other places may have generic blankets as a canvas which they then quickly print your message onto, we take the time to hand make each one, weaving up to four lines of text into the blanket itself to make it truly personal.

How to choose a personalised blanket

Right, so you’ve decided on getting a personalised blanket. Good choice! Now, the next part is deciding what to get. 

If you click here, it should be self explanatory, but we’ll explain anyway. Pick a pattern and colour combination you like. Flag designs are also available if that’s more your style! Choose from stars, hearts, or fleur de lis, in colours including cream, mustard, red, green and blue.

personalised family gifts

Once you have your favoured combination, next is to choose your personalised message. Messages on our blankets are always block capitals and can occupy up to 4 lines in the centre of the blanket, up to 30 characters each including spaces.

personalised family gifts

Once your message is submitted and payment details finalised, you can expect for your blanket to be delivered, gift wrapped, within 28 days. If you’re wondering why the wait, it’s because each blanket is handmade to order!

So if that sounds like it would be a fantastic and thoughtful gift, then feel free to explore our website to see all the available options!