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Personalised blankets

What style of personalised blanket is right for you?

About our personalised blankets

We believe that a personalised blanket is among the best gifts to give. It’s practical – after all, if you’re from somewhere that can get rather chilly at certain times of the year, a woollen blanket will be sure to get some use at some point – and just as important, it’s especially thoughtful. Rather than just giving a generic gift, you are showing your recipient that you truly care for them with an extra special personal message.

As a small family-run business, we strive to ensure that our blankets are of the highest quality. We have perfected a blend of lamb’s wool for our blankets to be especially soft to the touch, and yet durable enough to be machine washable at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. 

Instead of printing custom designs onto generic blankets, we are unique in that we instead choose to weave your personalised message into the blanket itself – this is why our blankets take time to make as they must be handmade to order. For each blanket, we can accommodate up to four lines of text and will centre it for you on the blanket.

The styles of personalised blankets we offer

Flag designs

On our website, we offer several flag designs. Our flag blankets are full-size, with the flag design on one side, and a blank space on the other which is filled with your message. Greyscale versions of certain flags are also available if you’d like to be super stylish! Our full-scale flags are available for £149.95. Furthermore, if you don’t see your desired flag, you can request it and we can still make it for you!

flag designs

Patterned designs

For some more neutral designs, check out our selection of patterned blankets! Available in a few designs, such as hearts, stars, or fleur de lis, each design can then come with different colour combinations to create a whole host of unique possibilities! The patterns will appear on both sides, with a space in the centre on one of these sides for your message. Like our large flag designs, our personalised patterned designs are available for just £149.95.

patterned blankets

Baby blankets

A personalised, commemorative blanket is a fantastic gift idea for your little one – and luckily for you, we offer baby blankets too! In a smaller size, of course, our baby blankets are machine washable at 30 degrees and come in either the flag or patterned designs described above. A personalised baby blanket is available for £94.95.

Bespoke wedding blankets

If you are looking for a unique wedding blanket that fits your wedding theme and design, Grace’s Blankets is the place to go. You can order a blanket for yourself and your partner as a keepsake of your special day, or for your wedding party as a token of appreciation. If you contact us, we can arrange to have your blanket personalised with your preferred colours, patterns and fonts, to make it a memorable part of your wedding day!

So, if you’re still interested in providing a thoughtful, sentimental and practical gift for a loved one, feel free to browse across our store to find out what suits you best!